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Key Updates

For telegram users, we have a channels for updates only at  and a chat for delegators at

25 Aug 2021: Self delegation at 600K CRO. 2022 commissions caps updated.

20 Jul 2021: Listed as a partner in the Cronos Testnet here.

13 Jun 2021: We hit the 18 million CRO staked milestone! Commissions will be capped to 2.0% later this year.

1 Apr 2021: We have upgraded our node infrastructure and to commemorate this milestone with all the early supporters of this node, we sent a token to those who delegated to us before the upgrade! The blockchain proof is here. 


What you need to know about our node

Maximise your staking rewards with our minimal commissions

Lower commissions means higher rewards for you! Running a node costs quite a bit especially if it involves reliability and security so we will need to at least cover these costs to be sustainable. We are not sure how some other nodes can promise indefinite 0% commission rates but we plan to be here for the long term. These commissions will be used to cover costs of running the node, including hosting, monitoring, and maintenance, as the network grows.

100K CRO minimum self delegation to show our commitment

If a node with low self delegation fails or misbehaves, their penalties will be minimal. The size of our self delegation shows our commitment as any poor performance of the node means a significant financial punishment for us. 

Secure, reliable and professionally managed for peace of mind

The validator wallet is secured with a hardware wallet to prevent hacking and node hijacking. Our upgraded node infrastructure is maintained and monitored by the established and trusted masternode hosting provider for reliable uptime that is needed for consistent staking rewards, and security to ensure the node is not compromised. Our node is supported with:

  • Multiple sentries located in different locations to protect traffic to the validator node
  • Standby node in case of validator node failure 
  • Failover connectivity for redundancy

If you are interested in hosting your own node with, please drop me an email at, ping me on Telegram ( or DM me on Twitter (


Commission Schedule

Promotional rate: ZERO commission fees until end of 2021

For 2022, the commission will be set at 1.5%.

If the following CRO staked meets these numbers, we will reduce the maximum commission in 2022 to the corresponding commission rate. 

  • > 30 million CRO delegated: Capped at 1.0% for 2022
  • > 40 million CRO delegated: Capped at 0.9% for 2022
  • > 50 million CRO delegated: Capped at 0.8% for 2022
  • > 60 million CRO delegated: Capped at 0.7% for 2022
  • > 70 million CRO delegated: Capped at 0.6% for 2022
  • > 75 million CRO delegated: Capped at 0.5% for 2022

You can view the CRO delegated in the validator node page on the blockchain explorer.

Our node has a hard maximum commission rate of (and can never exceed) 8% with no more than 0.5% increase every 24 hours, so you never have to worry that we quietly jack up the commissions overnight. Changes to commissions will be announced on Twitter and Telegram.




About Us

Onward Singapore is a validator node from Singapore running on the native Chain. We celebrate the first country that launched their Visa cards in. We set up the node on the first day that the Chain mainnet went live. This node is not an official node from, nor affiliated with, and is created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.



Our priority for running the validator node is for active participation in the network in order to secure it and help it grow. However, there are costs in running a reliable node to avoid downtime and errors. For a start, we will be using our own staking rewards to subsidise the initial low commission fees.

Please kindly support the node by delegating your CRO to gain staking rewards while flying the Singapore flag in the validator list!


Sharing is caring, united we stand!

We have also listed other Singapore nodes and recommend splitting your funds across these nodes too so that we support one another and also reduce your risk in the unfortunate case that a node goes offline.


Other Singapore validator nodes

We support decentralisation to secure the network!

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1. Is this node only for Singaporeans or residents of Singapore?

No! We are grateful to be from this country and welcome all who support and want to secure the Chain network. If you happen to be from or reside in Singapore, thank you for joining us to fly the flag!

2. Are you a business or is this a personal project?

We are not a business and operate the node mostly as a hobby and for community participation, hence our lower commission rates than most other nodes that are for-profit. However, we are not a charity and would need to have some commissions to cover costs.

3. Some nodes are planning to do giveaways to their delegators, will you do the same?

That has crossed our minds, but running giveaways is a little more than just picking a delegator. To keep things simple and fair to delegators, we will operate by keeping commission rates low rather than turn it into a pseudo lottery. We might still do the occasional giveaway, as long as it is simple and not significant enough to warrant regulatory scrutiny.

4. Will you be developing extra tools for delegators, such as scripts for monitoring my stake?

As we do not have the expertise to build blockchain related supplementary tools, we will not be actively offering or building premium services like other nodes that have these. Where it is within our means to do so, we are open to the idea of implementing them. Please send us feedback if you know where to get these. However, our focus is to provide a node where you know you can rely on and trust for consistent rewards with low commissions.


DISCLAIMER: As much as no genuine validator would like to go offline, slashed, or be jailed, malicious attacks on the blockchain and incidents can happen. Please do your due diligence when delegating to private validator nodes (as they say DYOR – do your own research) to ascertain your risk appetite and suitability for you. While the CRO remain in your wallet, it is possible that you stand to lose on staking rewards when a validator misses transactions by going offline or is jailed for long downtimes, or even lose a small portion (5%) of your funds if the delegator intentionally acts in bad faith (e.g. does a double signing by hacker). nodes would have a stronger technical and infrastructural team behind them and that is why the commissions tend to be higher on them.


Node Moniker: Onward πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ | 0% fee πŸ”₯πŸ’Ž


How to delegate and stake for rewards 


The DeFi app for mobile is the easiest way to stake your CRO

Download Chain Wallets


Staking on DeFi app for mobile
  1. Tap Earn (bottom menu) > Earn More (button) > CRO
  2. Specify the amount of CRO to stake then tap the Stake X CRO button
  3. Tap on the validator name on the right of the words To Validator for a list of validators
  4. Scroll and look for our node moniker and Tap Confirm Validator
  5. Tap on Confirm Stake
Staking on Desktop Wallet

Click Staking > Delegate Funds and either input the following validator address in the red box or click on the dropdown to show the list of validators to find our node and specify the amount of CRO to stake.

Node address:




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